Freshly dug and ready for planting.

Shade trees save you energy, by planting the right tree in the right place around your home, will bring any desolate landscape to life.

Fruit trees save you money, you can have your own produce department at your door step.

Arborvitae stays green all year long and will create instance privacy from those Pesky Neighbors.





Grown to perfection with lots of care.
Our plants and flowers are grown using a health mix of our peat humus, perlite, and a selected blend of fertilizer.

Flowers will enhance your existing landscape and bring your yard to life.

Nothing says home like a colorful yard full of bustling plants.



Great way to create a instant barrier.

Shrubs are a great alternative to traditional fencing.

Maintenance and pruned correctly, shrubs will last forever.

Our shrubs also make a great addition to any small yard.


Come and pick your tree or just shop online!

The treemechanic is dedicated on bringing you top quality trees at a affordable price . placing tracker on websites


No matter what type of tree, plant, or shrub you are looking for, we have the right selection for all your landscaping needs. Whether you are redesigning or just looking for privacy, our high quality trees and plants are an unbeatable deal. All you have to do is buy and we deliver and plant throughout the Delaware Valley and North East Corridor.


The tree mechanic is insured and bonded. All jobs are guaranteed for one full year. When I install a tree, I wont you to be completely satisfied and call me for more trees.




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